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Medieval Renaissance Fair Chain Mail Bracelet

Medieval Renaissance Fair Chain Mail Bracelet

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Product Features

  • Construction: Handforged Aluminum, Tool Rubber
  • Gauge: 14g
  • Ring Pattern: Round, Butted, Smooth, Silver Finish
  • Ring Size: 10mm
  • Size: One Size Fits All

Product Description

These go great with our chain mail shirts and coifs. These items are a perfect compliment to this chain mail medieval bracelet. You can wear these in your Medieval historical reenactments, your live-action role playing or your presentations at the local Renaissance fair. Maille or chainmail has become increasingly popular in recent years. Some artists make chainmail armor to use in staged battles. Others prefer to create chainmail jewelry and sculptures. The versatility of this material is astounding; artists have created chessboards,belts, dresses, baskets, and even sunglass lenses all out of maille. The Squire of Arms Heroic Expansion Chainmail Cuff Bracelet is another great example of a stylish piece of chainmail jewelry. This cuff is made up of chainmail and black rubber for expandability. Wear this fashionable piece and impress your friends. They will be sure to ask about it.
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